Zebras Crossing - Wildlife

There is no better place to get intimate with nature than Zebras Crossing. During safari and bushwalks, our experienced and enthusiastic field guides will show you all the beauty that the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve has to offer. You will come across an abundant variety of flora and fauna and be treated to sightings of a large number of bird species, zebras, kudus, nyalas, impalas, giraffes, hartebeest, blesbok and much more. 

Being situated in the Waterberg region gives us the privilege of a wonderful river running through the reserve. This functions as a substantial source of water for the animals and additionally attracts the African clawless otter. The river is a place for many species to refresh – including us. 

No Big 5 reserve allows you to walk around freely and to really absorb the nature surrounding by stepping foot in it. For guests seeking the Big 5 adventure as an addition to their itinerary, Elephants Crossing within the Welgevonden Private Game Reserve is a mere 2-hour drive.