A Few Reasons to ‘Stay in Camp’ … at Zebras Crossing.

Last month, we touched on the importance of appreciating your surroundings while on a safari holiday. These include the little moments and opportunities to pause, be still, and simply enjoy where you are.

With the end of the year approaching fast, we are encouraging travellers to not always have it all ‘planned out’. Meaning, take this time to relax and bond with your loved ones without the need of activities, schedules and distractions.

Of course there’s always something to look forward to when embarking on such an exciting trip, especially at our lodge, Zebras Crossing! So we’ve decided to list a few of the reasons why simply ‘staying in camp’ at Zebras can have its own special moments…

There’s nothing that beats the thrill of being in a wildlife reserve and viewing animal species, but there is also a feeling of contentment that comes with just being away from home, surrounded by nature. Our Zebras Crossing lodge is where you experience the best of both worlds, located between the sloping hills of the Waterberg with the most mesmerizing streams, rock pools as well as wildlife sightings. Most of its unique features can be enjoyed without even leaving camp.

So what are your options?


The seating area at our main lodge consists of cosy couches and cushions that make up a warm and peaceful setting. The vibrant colours used as part of the interior decor add to the African atmosphere, making this the perfect spot to either spend time alone or bond with others. Whether you’re grabbing a book, a meal or a refreshment, you’ll find this part of our lodge is where the true magic happens.

Gather here with your family, friends or meet other guests and let’s reconnect!


Our wide wrap-around veranda includes many nearby loungers and seats and a gorgeous view into a clearing of the bush. Pull up a chair or climb into our hammock and see nearby Zebras and Giraffes appear from the trees! Our friendly staff are at your service and will serve your choice of cocktails, so you can sit back and enjoy the picturesque views of the setting sun.

Limpopo Province. South Africa


Zebras Crossing is well-known for being a family-friendly safari destination, especially with our iconic feature – the swimming pool! This is definitely a favourite for the kids as the pool overlooks more of the bush and in view of many animals. Spot them as you cool off from the warm summer’s day, and be sure to have the camera close by to capture the moment!


Just another reason to take advantage of the beautiful location we’re in at Zebras! The dams and streams are within close proximity from the lodge and can make an incredible backdrop while enjoying a family picnic. Make a day out of it and have the kids bring along their bikes to explore their surroundings while you lay back and feast on some yummy snacks!

You can chat to our team for more information on arranging the picnic once you’ve arrived at our lodge.

So, there you have it, just the few simple pleasures that come with the days or weeks you spend with us at Zebras Crossing. A location that caters for the whole family and offers something for ALL to enjoy – even right here on the camp grounds. After all, our goal at Crossing Lodges is to not only show you our world here in Africa, but to welcome you as family to your own home away from home…

Book your safari holiday at Zebras Crossing this coming season! Contact our reservations office or book on our website:

Limpopo Province. South Africa

Be sure to join us at Elephants Crossing or Zebras Crossing this coming Animal Month! Allow us to share the beauty of our African eco-system and the many animals that contribute to it!